Saturday, March 30, 2013

Saturday March 30, 2013-Moving day-Bluebonnet RV Park to Paradise Park, Nacogdoches

It stormed tonight and woke me about 3AM. It thundered and rained  very hard and at one point, it sounded like hail hitting the roof, but I didn't see any on the ground. The dogs don't like loud noises, so they were unhappy. I got up but was soon back asleep in my chair and we all slept late, until about 8 o'clock. It really didn't matter because we only about 140 miles, so we weren't in a big hurry. We took our time but still pulled out about 10:15. I like these short driving days!

There was hardly any traffic and we made good time. With the short drive, we only made one pit stop for Stella. I always check my tires when we stop and today was no exception. I found no problems and we continued on our way. We arrived here in Nacogdoches (Nac) about 1 and it didn't take long to get checked in and settled. I soon had a major problem, in that the satellite wouldn't get locked in. It teased us a few times but it never did lock in. The park does offer cable TV service, so I finally had to give up (for now) on the satellite dish and use cable. The TV found about 50 channels but most were music channels, and we only have about four channels to choose from. And on top of that, no High Def! It is amazing after having HD TV for the past three years and now have to put up with regular TV. The picture is fuzzy and unclear.

Then on top of all that, the park's wifi is unusable. I tried and tried and it never would allow access. I traced the problem and found that their system won't access the Internet. I was able to log on using our MiFi card, so I do have a reliable and secure Internet connection.

We are going to Tyler to church tomorrow morning but when I get back here, I will work on the satellite again to get it tuned in. It's gonna be a long four days if I can't get it done!

So long.

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