Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tuesday March 19, 2013-Oasis RV Resort

Today is the last day we'll be here for awhile, and we got started pretty early getting things squared away to move tomorrow. Stella gathered up our clothes to wash, so I walked them over to the washateria with her. While she was gone, Mike came by for a visit before we leave. Just before Stella called me to come pick up the clothes, Cook Ford called to tell me that my light had come in, so as soon as we got back with the clothes we drove over and had the bulb replaced. I went by the Palmer Grocery store where I completed the fuel tank fill that I had started yesterday. It took 86 gallons to fill the big tank and about 16 to fill the truck tank, but I (gulp) got it done. The bank account is much lighter, but we're full of fuel now.

I reset the odometer for the fall trip and was rather surprised to see that we went 6566 miles since we left Inks Lake. As I recall, we only went about 7000 miles during the summer. I'll be interested in this summer's numbers.

We had a coupon for Burger King, so we used it to buy ourselves burgers, fries and drinks but then we learned that Tyler needed a ride from school to driver's ed. so we bought two more burgers and fries for both him and Cameron. It worked out well because Tyler needed to go by his house because he had forgotten his notebook for class, so he ate his burger and we dropped Cam's off at their house. I love it when things turn out...

So long.

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