Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday March 1, 2013-Oasis RV Resort-La Marque

We didn't do anything to report on Thursday. We just stayed inside and took care of things around here. I had a propane tank refilled and took all of my gear out of the bed of the truck in preparation for putting it in the shop next week.

Here is the entrance gate and a pretty little pond at the Woodland Lakes Resort where we were last week. It's a pretty little park and we'll probably go back there.

Look at all the ducks around the pond. At times, they line up around the edge of the pond as if waiting for a command to jump into the water. And don't even think of taking your dog around the ducks!

Another shot of the pond. You can barely see some of the ducks on this side and if you look close, you can see a very realistic deer statue laying down between the water fountain and the white sign. The first morning, I stared at that thing, thinking it was a real deer. Really felt stupid when I realized it was a statue.

We are all packed up and just about ready to leave. You can't see it but it was raining when this was taken. I was kind of worried about the rain, but it had quit when we got hooked up and ready to go.

We went to the Top Water Grill today with Tommy and Susan. We all had the lunch special fried shrimp, which is plenty of shrimp with all the fixin's for $8.95. Wow, what a deal!

It was a pretty day on the water! This is an oil rig just offshore that Stella's nephew  Randy worked on a few years ago. The water is a beautiful blue with not much chop. Blue skies and upper 60's...yep lice is good!

A shrimp boat coming in to dock. Someone will be eating fresh shrimp soon. 

After finishing up our "lupper" (lunch and supper) we rode around in San Leon and Bacliff. I finally found the location of the little house where I lived a long time ago. The house is gone but the foundation remains as well as some of the palm trees in front. 

We found that many things have changed in the area. Some of the old ratty houses and trailers are gone and some really nice houses have been built. It's about time that someone cleaned up this little fishing village that was inhabited by bikers and ex-convicts. This could be a really nice area if they keep it up. We also rode through an area of Dickinson that has really grown up with huge houses on large lots. This is something we love to do when we return and the changes are amazing. Life goes on I guess...

So long.

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