Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thursday March 7, 2013-Oasis RV Resort

Just a quick check-in to let you know that we didn't fall into the bayou or anything, we've just been taking it easy for a few days. I took the truck to Cook Ford for the body repairs to be done and we picked Tyler up from school one afternoon. He needed to get home and study his drivers handbook because he will be taking his test for a learner's permit soon. Look out drivers, Tyler will soon be turned loose on you.

I met a couple that just bought Mike and Patrice's old Landmark trailer. They are excited to get started as full-timers in a new (to them) trailer. I answered a couple of questions for them and of course, gave them the information on the owners club, so I'll be looking for their names as new users on the forum.

We'll be leaving here in just a couple of weeks for our summer trip, and I am resting up. I'll soon start washing and waxing the trailer and we're going to meet with more of our friends before we leave, so please hang in there, my posts will soon start again.

So long.

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