Saturday, March 30, 2013

Friday March 29, 2013-Bluebonnet Ridge RV Park

Friday morning we drove over to Canton, only about 25 miles or so, to meet our friends Mike and Patrice to go to the First Monday sale there. They had brought some friends, Faye and Everette who own a motorcycle shop where they had bought Patrice a three wheeled motorcycle. We all loaded up and drove over to the huge sale grounds and proceeded to walk....and walk....and walk some more. It wasn't as bad now as it had been in the past when we would walk all day for two or three days on the weekend. I looked at some tee shirts but didn't buy anything. I have decided to buy shirts in the areas where we travel instead of something humorous like a Duck Dynasty shirt. Those guys make plenty of money without me buying their cheap shirts at high prices.

While walking around, we ran into an old friend, Sandy Creekmore. Sandy is the leader of the Texas Boomers, the group that we used to belong to and who gave me my first "job" an Area Leader of the Houston area for the Boomers. This gave me the background to be the Chapter Leader for the Heartland Owners club. It was good to see her. I believe that this is the first time that we've run into anyone we know at Canton.

We came on back home and rested for a bit before driving over to Forney where we met Ian, Jennifer, and Melissa at Brady's Burgers. We all had burgers and had a great time. Again, we stayed in there until after nine, visiting and watching Ian do his antics. He just turned five and is in pre-K but he can sign the alphabet, count to 14 in spanish and recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Pretty sharp little boy!

I've got to tell you, I frightened him as we left. Jennifer and Melissa wanted me to blow my air horn for them and Ian, and I warned him how loud it is, but he was still surprised! I didn't blow the horn until I pulled out to the street but it is still quite loud. I'm sorry I made him cry, but they were warned and he wasn't hurt, just surprised. He'll probably want to hear it the next time we see him.

It was good to spend the time with the family and friends and we will miss them.

So long.

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