Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Monday March 25, 2013-Moving day-Coffee Creek Resort to Bluebonnet Ridge RV Park

We woke to freezing temps this morning, and I am getting tired of the cold weather. It will change soon enough and I'll be complaining about the cold...

Since we only had to go about 120 miles today, we took our time getting started. I didn't go outside until about 8:30. When I went out, I talked to Dan and Larry and learned that they had frozen water pipes this morning. Mine didn't freeze but the water was very cold. I think my good luck with freezing was because Stella had left a tiny drip going on in the bathroom and that kept the water line from freezing. Like I said before, I'll be glad for warm weather again.

We got loaded up and pulled out about 10:15 but only made it about a mile to the freeway before we stopped to get a Subway sandwich and for me to fill up my air hitch. We got the sandwich but the air pump was down this morning, so we had to find another source. This Trail Air hitch is great except for needing air from time to time. My little compressor that powers my air horn just doesn't put out enough volume to fill the hitch or even an 80 pound pressure tire so I need to find something else to use.

We made great time down the highway and didn't make any more stops and made it to Terrell to the Bluebonnet Ridge RV Park about 1. Soon everything was set up and I took the dogs out to the doggie park that is right across the street from our site. They enjoyed their time off leash and ran and played for about 30 minutes before they were ready to come back home.

We came to Terrell to see Jennifer and her family and Melissa, my two daughters. Jennifer, Jay (Jen's husband) and Ian (grandson) are out of town, visiting some other relatives in Oklahoma but I talked to Melissa and she said she would come out to the park when she gets off work. Stella had a bacon sandwich ready for her when she got here a little after 6. We had a nice visit with her, talking about our childhood and the differences with hers. She stayed until just before 10 for the 30 minute drive back home. We will see her play volleyball after watching Ian play baseball tomorrow.

We're looking forward to some better weather while we're here and spending time with the kids.

So long.

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