Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Saturday March 16 through Monday March 18, 2013-Oasis RV Resort

This weekend was pretty much taken up by Tyler and Cameron. He had baseball games on Saturday and Sunday in another tournament in Katy. We didn't make the first game on Saturday because we had made plans to meet our friends Ted and Donna for a late lunch in Spring at the Sweet Tomato Restaurant, one of my favorites. The traffic into Houston was terrible! We left home about 1 and almost immediately ran into backed-up traffic. We dealt with the traffic all the way to the north freeway in Houston, and Stella took the precaution of calling Donna to tell her that we might be late for our 2:30 time to meet them but we actually beat them there. Donna said she had an errand to run before they met us, and we made better time than expected, and we beat them by a couple of minutes. 

We had a nice visit with them over lunch and it was nice to catch up with our friends. We made tentative plans to meet up in the summer at a small county park outside Detroit MI but that still has to be worked out. I'll keep you posted.

Traffic was heavy from Spring to Katy, but not as bad as I-45. We later realized that most of the traffic had been for Spring Break weekend and people coming and going from Galveston but some of them were going to the Houston Rodeo. 

Cam at bat. I think this was his first game and the wind was really bad, blowing right into the batter's box. He and the other boys got some good hits but the wind caught the ball and held it up until someone could run under it to catch the ball, but both teams suffered from this.

He hit this one on the ground, but it was right to the 3rd baseman, who caught the ball but overthrew the first base player and Cam was able to get on base and later scored. They later won this game by a score of 5-2.

Cam started out playing third base but soon changed to first base where he played the rest of the weekend. It is interesting to note that every boy on the team can pitch. One of the first things that was asked of Cam when he was trying out for the team.

This was Sunday's game. Note the change in uniform shirts! This was another ground ball hit to third base, but this time he was put out.

I finally was able to get out from behind the fence to take better pictures. A group had been sitting in lawn chairs here in the other games but they didn't return today. The runner was safe because although Cam extended out to catch the ball, he pulled off the base.

There he goes, slamming another one into the outfield! He hit well in all the games and played very well in the outfield. I still can't believe how much better these boys play than the Little League at home.

Tyler came home with us Saturday night and spent the night. He wanted the last of his Me Maw's goulash that she had made for them a few days ago. 

Sunday's second game didn't go so well. The team looked good in the first game, and handily won 8-4, but the back-to-back second game was a disaster and they lost 14-0. I guess I don't understand enough about these tournaments to know why teams have to play back-to-back games. I know these boys are young and bounce back pretty well, but they are tired after one game and then play against a team that is fresh just isn't fair. 

We met Tommy and Susan at Mamacita's mexican restaurant on our way home. They had just come back from a short trip to Salado TX,  and we are leaving on Wednesday, so we had lots to talk about. The doggies were very glad to see us when we got back home. Those all day stays are hard on them.

Monday morning we went over to Cook Ford to pick up the truck. When we got there, we learned that a protective decal sheet on the fender had not come in until this morning and they hadn't had time to install it. When checking everything on the truck, I found that the air horn wouldn't work (what a calamity!) so we decided to leave it there until the afternoon and they could get everything working. We ran some errands including stopping in the old Sam's Club store on our way home. This store will close and reopen in a new location on Thursday. We have been coming to this store since it opened many years ago. 

We came home for a short rest (nap) before going to get the truck. We got it picked up without any problems, but they had ordered a side clearance light that had not come in, so we'll have to come back tomorrow to get it installed.

We came back home but soon got a call from Tyler, asking us to come pick him up. Of course when we got him, he was hungry so we had to take him to Jack IN the Box for a quick bite before taking him home. We came back home and ate supper, but then went back to Kim's house to see them and Cameron one last time before we leave. 

At the end of the day, I was exhausted! All we did today was run the roads, and it wore me out! I did stop by and started filling the fuel tanks but will finish that tomorrow too. 

So long.

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