Sunday, March 24, 2013

Saturday March 23, 2013-Coffee Creek RV Resort

I was woken up about 5:30 AM by loud thunder and rain on the roof. By the time everyone was up and about, the rain had stopped but it remained cloudy all day and a couple of times it looked as if it would rain again but it didn't.

We had coffee in the rally hall this morning, but with the bad weather, only Corbin and I showed up. Too bad for the others, because we had a nice time together. This afternoon we did walk thru's in our trailers. It was nice to see the other rigs and some of the modifications that others have done.

We spent a few hours looking through the other trailers before it was time to start our potluck dinner. As usual, it was delicious! with the barbecue furnished by Explore USA in Fort Worth. Door prizes were handed out and everyone enjoyed themselves. We didn't play games tonight but everyone had a good time just chatting. I wasn't feeling well and went home a bit early, but I recovered well. I went to sleep on the couch but woke about 11:30 to some very loud winds that I thought might have been thunder, but at least it didn't rain any more.

Sorry but I didn't take any photos of the potluck or the group. I'm enjoying going to these rallies and not having to do any planning. I do still help out when and where I can.

So long.

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