Saturday, March 9, 2013

Friday & Saturday March 8 & 9, 2013-Oasis RV Resort

I copied this from a Facebook post but it pretty well gives you a picture of us lately.

Actually, we went to Tommy and Susan's house in Deer Park on Friday night. Tommy had made some delicious barbecued ribs on his Big Green Egg smoker, and man, were they good! I don't know (he said that chefs don't reveal their sources) how long he cooked them but they literally fell off the bones. We had a great meal and a nice visit with them before we made the drive back home.

I'll say one thing about this tiny little Toyota rental car, it's pretty peppy and it doesn't take much gas to fill it up! Wait a minute, that's two things! Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised that it only took a little over 7 gallons to fill it up. And another benefit is that gas is cheaper than diesel, so it was cheaper to fill it up than the truck. IT'S ALL GOOD!! but I miss my truck...

Tonight- Saturday- we met our old friends Mike and Patrice at the Center Buffet oriental buffet. The food is good but I love their fresh oysters on the half shell and boiled shrimp. We enjoyed our time with Mike and Patrice and it was fun catching up with them.

Catching up with our friends is a huge part of coming back "home" to this area and seeing the changes to the area. We plan to do this until we finally grow too old to travel any more, but hopefully that will be many years from now.

So long.

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