Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wednesday March 20, 2013-Moving Day-Oasis RV Resort to Coffee Creek RV Park

Remember that  I told you about washing and waxing the trailer and how hard I had worked? well, you guessed it, it rained last night and continued this morning. It didn't rain very much, but it was plenty to splash up a lot of mud onto the side of my freshly washed trailer, and of course, my freshly painted truck. Everything went very well and we pulled out of the park about 9:30, almost on time!

We made excellent time through Houston and never slowed down. If you're familiar with Houston traffic, you will understand what a feat of luck this was. I was all set to stop at Buccees in Madisonville for a quick lunch but soon decided to go to Sam's Barbecue in Fairfield. This place has some of the best food, from barbecue to chicken fried steak on a buffet that is not to be believed! We used to stop here almost every time we went to Garland. Actually I started coming here while I was in college at North Texas State Univ. when it was a very small barbecue joint with only one pit. I guess it was run by the original Sam but I really don't remember.

We ate waaaaay too much, but it was delicious. They had one of the best blackberry cobblers that I have ever had. We got back out on the road and really made good time all the way to Santo, which is a very small town near Mineral Wells. Actually it is an unincorporated community but the Coffee Creek RV Park is pretty nice. We got here too late to really look around too much and were too full from lunch to go out with Terry and Carol & Dan and Ann. They went to a place that is nearby that claims to have the best hamburgers in Texas, so I suppose that we will have to check them out before we leave.

We are here for the North Texas Heartland Chapter rally and there should be more arriving tomorrow. The rally actually begins on Friday, but the pre-rally is usually as much fun as the rally is. Rally season has started!

So long.

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