Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tuesday March 26, 2013-Bluebonnet Ridge RV Park

What started out as another cold day, turned out to be a very nice day, although chilly. We had temps in the mid 30's again this morning but it cleared off and warmed up and was a perfect day for watching Ian practice baseball.

Here is Ian receiving information from one of his coaches. Ian is excited about playing and does very well.

Fielding the ball. 

Throwing the ball. 

Ian just turned 5 a couple of day ago, and is even more excited about his new bike than he is playing T-ball. We weren't able to see him ride his bike tonight because it was too late, but we'll see him later in the week and hopefully we'll see him ride then.

When we left them at the restaurant, just as we were getting onto the 635 loop, I noticed two police cars with their lights on round the corner and fly up the entrance to the freeway. I then noticed they had pulled over onto the shoulder and remarked to Stella that they were probably waiting for a pursuit to come by. Sure enough, soon after I had gotten onto the freeway, I saw a huge sea of red and blue lights coming up behind me, covering all lanes of traffic. Having been involved in many police pursuits in my career, I knew to pull over into the right hand lane and allow everyone to come on by me. They were soon by, but straggling police units continued to come up behind us, trying to catch up to the pursuit of the bad guy. HERE is a link to the end of the pursuit. This brought back many memories of my many years on patrol and how dangerous it was. I was very happy to see that no one was injured and at the end of the night, the crook went to jail.

One ironic thing was that the pursuit lasted about an hour and a half and went through several cities, including Garland but ended up in Rockwall, where Melissa was playing a volleyball game. She wasn't  involved in the chase at all, but it was ironic.

We came on home without any further incidents. It had been a very exciting day!

So long.

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