Saturday, March 30, 2013

Thursday March 28, 2013-Bluebonnet Ridge RV Park

Wednesday was such a slow day, I'm only going to mention it once here. We stayed home all day. Stella washed our dirty clothes while I napped, and that was the most exciting thing we did. Told you it was a slow day!

On Thursday morning, I cleaned up some of the dried bugs on the front of the trailer. I'm not allowed to wash the trailer but if I were a long-term renter, I could wash it once a month. Doesn't seem reasonable to me. I got a lot of the bugs off and it looks a lot better.

Thursday evening we went to meet our friend Tony and Erika at a chicken place named Pop's. The place looks like it began life as a Dairy Queen, but the food was very good. They had chicken, meat loaf, fried catfish, and lots of side dishes. We all ate fried chicken and enjoyed our meal. We sat there for about three hours, chatting and had a great time. We'll see them again at the Montgomery rally next weekend. Can't wait.

So long.

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