Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wednesday September 2, 2009-Priest Gulch RV Park

This is our first full day here at Priest Gulch. The weather is great in Colorado, with light rain in the afternoon.
Here is Stella standing in front of the fire ring in our site. Each site has a fire ring and the park furnishes firewood. We may go get some wood later this afternoon or we may wait until tomorrow.

Here is our trailer from across the river. We were very lucky to get this site when someone cancelled. The river is very low right now, but any rain upstream will make it rise rapidly.

I found this as I walked around the park. apparently guests are asked to paint rocks and add their names and dates of their stay. The rocks are beside a walkway in the back of the park.

The little chipmunks are so cute. I had this one all ready to be photographed but at the last second, he moved. They are so fast!

This is a very large "outfitter" tent that is being used by a couple of elk hunters. They came in yesterday and will stay for a few days unless they kill an elk.
We stayed here in the park today to rest up from the long trip up here. We ate a good breakfast and I took Cassie for a walk up the fire road behind our site. She creeped me out by continually sniffing and kind of growling deep in her throat as if there was something out in the woods. We walked uphill for a good way when I saw some animal scat along the trail that I have never seen before. I still don't know what it came from, but with Cassie's apprehensive attitude, we decided to come back down to the trailer.
I went for a walk around the park to take the photos and stopped at the office. I got permission to clean up the trailer. They have very strict rules about this and other things, so I didn't want to get in trouble. I came back to the trailer and took a rest. Its a long way around this park.
I went out and moved the Dish and got it connected. At least now we have television and of course, the Internet. All is good.....
I washed the trailer and set up my bird feeders, including my hummingbird feeders. Later in the afternoon we saw both birds at the feeder and one hummingbird.
Stella cut my hair and I watched some television, which ended our afternoon. We have met a few people up here, but of course this was our first full day in the park. I'm sure that there will be a lot of people in for the Labor Day weekend.
So long.

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