Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wednesday September 9, 2009-Priest Gulch RV Resort

Stella and I were sitting outside, enjoying the weather when a group of ducks swam by. I don't know where they came from and don't know where they were going but they swam upstream and finally disappeared.
They swam in a line but suddenly stopped and seemed to be waiting for the others to catch up. Some swam in circles and they finally all bunched up and swam away.I have not seen any ducks flying around while we have been here and was surprised to see them swimming in the river.
We began the morning by driving over to site #56 in the hope that we could catch our friends Rusty and Linda before they left, but we missed them. We went down to the firewood pile and got some more firewood. We brought it back and I stacked it up under the trees.
Soon after that, we saw the ducks swimming by and watched them for ten or fifteen minutes before I came back inside and began checking email and looking at the Heartland website for the upcoming rally.
Some time in the afternoon, we got some new neighbors in the motorhome site, #85. I met Ed and had a nice visit with him. He said he has been staying here for about fifteen years and usually stays in site #80 or 81 but they are not available at this time. He said he was scheduled to come in during May and June, but he had a health problem and couldn't make the trip from New Mexico and had to reschedule his trip until now.
He told me a story about the site he is in, #85. He said that another man had been taking this site for about fifteen years and had a fifth wheel trailer in the site. Ed said that the man, had died about a year ago and it took the park almost the whole year to get the trailer moved. He said that this is the first season that the site has been rented to anyone.
I told Ed that we would have a fire later, but they didn't come over tonight. We had a very nice but small, fire and sat outside until about nine o'clock. The weather has been just about perfect with lows in the mornings in the middle 40's and highs in the afternoon of the upper 60's. The weather tonight was cool enough that the fire felt good but not too cold to sit out with a light jacket on. We are looking forward to the rest of our group arriving so we can all sit outside and enjoy the fire. Ricky and Dee arrive from Blue Spruce tomorrow, Tommy and Susan are on their way from Deer Park and will arrive Saturday, and Harry and Judy will also arrive on Saturday from Creede.
Another very nice day gone by,
So long.

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