Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Monday September 21, 2009-Priest Gulch campground

Here are Cassie and I, hard at work. How about that view out the back window? Thanks Tommy for recording my work area.....

We stayed in the campground today because we were all tired from yesterday's drive. We learned that it is supposed to be getting much colder tonight, and that the park has shut off the red faucets, which is wash water that is not for drinking. They normally shut down the campsites on this side of the river starting in September, but they have been so busy this year they had to leave it open. I read online that it is supposed to be 19 degrees in Rico tonight, the nearest town to us. Rico is several hundred feet higher in elevation than we are here in the park, so it shouldn't get that cold here. Snow is forecast for Wednesday and Thursday, brrrrr.......

This park is pretty amazing in their booking. They don't use a computer to book sites, but every time someone moves out in the morning, someone else moves in in the afternoon. It's a busy place. Even the tent spaces are booked up.

Stella rode into Cortez with Susan this afternoon. Their dog, Tess, got sick last night and Susan had to go in to see the vet to get a prescription refilled and they went to the Wal Mart to pick up a few things. It saved us a trip into town, so it all worked out well. While they were gone, Tommy was working on my photos and I was watching him when we heard a noise. We discovered that a large rat had tripped one of the mousetraps that Susan had set. They had found evidence of mouse or rat inside one of the kitchen drawers, so she had set out several traps. Before we could catch the rat, he ran away and hid from us. Stella and Susan later saw him again in one of the slide out drawers in the storage area of the motorhome but he ran. He left a mess of rat droppings which was cleaned up.

When they got back, Susan invited us over for supper. We had sausage with rice and beans which was very tasty. We were going to have a campfire at their house and I laid it all out, but Gene and Linda had one, so we went over there. We had a nice visit with them and came home around 9 o'clock when it started getting too cold to enjoy the fire. While sitting around the fire, the rat came back out near the fire. When we saw him, he ran back into the firewood stack at Gene and Linda's place. Hopefully, he'll find another hiding place.

So long.

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