Friday, September 25, 2009

Thursday September 24, 2009-Priest Gulch campground

Another freezing morning greeted us today, 32 degrees. The weather is supposed to be good until Tuesday next week. Of course, I'm sure that it will be raining or worse yet, snowing on Thursday when we leave for Albuquerque. If that is forecast, we may leave early and if our site isn't ready at High Desert, we'll boondock in the parking lot until it is. We did it in April and we can do it again now.

Stella fixed us another good breakfast of eggs and toast and we just hung out here around our end of the park, enjoying the sunshine. We visited with our friends Gene and Linda and of course Tommy and Susan. The big news of the morning was the catching of a very large rat in the trap in Tommy's motorhome. I think they heard the trap when it caught the monster (13") rat. He was put out on display for everyone to come by and see before he was put in the dumpster. We're all glad to be rid of this thing. So far, we haven't seen any signs of mice in our trailer and I feel bad for Susan. She has worked so hard cleaning up after finding the rat and mice droppings in her kitchen drawers. Hope they don't return!

I walked up the mountain again and enjoyed the scenery. I will miss these times for exercise and being in the cool outdoors. We didn't do too much in the afternoon, and invited Tommy and Susan over for a smothered steak tonight for supper. Its their last night here, and Stella didn't want them to have to cook so she made it for them. We had a nice fire after eating and several friends came over to sit with us. We broke up pretty early tonight and everyone had a nice time. We'll miss Tommy and Susan!

So long.

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