Sunday, September 20, 2009

Saturday September 19, 2009-Priest Gulch campground

We woke and were outside around 7 o'clock this morning to see Ricky and Dee and Harry and Judy off. Sadly, they have to leave today. Ricky and Dee have to be back at work and Harry and Judy's time ran out in this campground. A weeklong stay is too short, but that's all they could get at the time of their reservation, and they had made plans to go elsewhere, including dropping their trailer off in Boerne at the dealer where they bought it for some work to be done.

They both left around 7:30, which was a good time to get away. Little traffic on the road and it is light enough to be able to see well. We are sorry to see our friends leave, but we'll continue to have a great time with Tommy and Susan.

We were supposed to have gone on an over-mountain trip with Tommy and Susan and several others from the park, but it was called off because of the weather. It is supposed to be rainy and cold all day-and that's exactly what happened-so we just stayed inside and huddled under our blankets. Around noon, I got up and went outside for a walk around the park and when I came back, Stella had discovered that one of the propane bottles had run out, so I went outside and took the empty one off and set it beside the road to be picked up and refilled. Later in the afternoon, it was returned and I reinstalled it.

Stella fixed us tacos for supper, which was ironic because Tommy and Susan came down later to visit and said they had had tacos today too. We had a nice little visit with them and I think all of us went to bed, or at least got ready for bed, really early tonight. I was in bed about 8:30 but was up again about 1. I went back to sleep in my chair at some point, so I had a good night's sleep anyway.

So long.

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