Monday, September 28, 2009

Sunday September 27, 2009-Priest Gulch campground

Today, being Sunday, was a day of rest for us. Here you see Cassie trying to stay warm on my blanket. It is cold again, about 36 degrees outside.
Our neighbors Bob and Hellene, left early this morning. Bob works for one of the railroads and intends to retire in January. I gave him one of my cards so that hopefully we can stay in touch. He is also interested in buying a new trailer since his Open Roads trailer manufacturer has gone out of business and I steered him to a Heartland. Hopefully he will consider one when the time comes for him to make his purchase.
Stella and I ate a late breakfast of biscuits and sausage. I went for my daily walk around the park and met a nice couple that have a Sunnybrook trailer that is similar to our old Mobile Scout. We had a nice chat and they told me about the layout of the park on the other side of the river from where we are now. It is interesting to know the improvements that have been made to the park since Ernie has owned it.
Later in the afternoon, we met Ernie, the owner of the park and his wife Freda. Ernie is the retired Chief of Police for Pomona California. There are several ex or retired Police Officers here in the park, and it was nice visiting with Ernie. I'm sure we'll return to this park.
Stella fixed us a pork roast with rice and corn for supper. It was a very tasty meal and we enjoyed it. Linda and Gene had another nice fire at their trailer, so we went down there for awhile. Some friends of theirs, George and Shirley had also come by and we all enjoyed the fire and the company. We stayed over there until about 9 o'clock and came home.
So long.

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