Saturday, September 19, 2009

Friday September 18, 2009-Priest Gulch campground

We didn't do too much of anything today. Ricky and Dee went on a mountaintop cruise with Tommy and Susan in the morning. Ricky surprised everyone by going since hes afraid of heights, but he later said it wasn't too bad. He said on the way back across, he sat in the back seat and the roof was so low, he couldn't see out.

Harry and I walked around the park this morning. It was a very nice morning, about 48 degrees out, and we had a nice little walk. I pointed out some of the people in the park that I had met and we talked about our routes out of here. He is going to Boerne Texas to have some work done to his trailer there, and plans to go south through New Mexico to Roswell where he plans to spend the first night.

We all had decided to go out to eat tonight because they are leaving in the morning. We had a choice of going to Rico to the Argentine Grill or to Cortez to eat pizza and beer. Everyone chose pizza, so off we went about 4:30. We wanted to get an early seat in the restaurant because it is Friday evening and everyone in town will be eating out. There was already a pretty good crowd there but we got our table and food pretty soon after getting to the restaurant. Tommy and Susan had gone ahead to Cortez to get some new walkie-talkies for a trip up into the mountains, and they met us at the restaurant. We had a good meal that everyone enjoyed, with the only bad thing that happened was that the girls working there were overwhelmed and it took a long time to get checked out.

Harry and Judy learned that a friend of theirs had died yesterday when we got cell phone service back. They are going to change their plans and try to get to Boerne earlier than planned so that they can drive back to Texas City to go to the funeral services on Monday.

We came back to the park in the rain (again!) and went over to Tommy and Susan's motorhome for some cobbler and coffee. We sat around and visited until about nine when everyone went home.

Since there is so much mud in our end of the park, everyone had taken off their shoes when we got inside the motorhome. When we left, Harry put on the wrong shoes and walked almost all the way back to his trailer before we discovered it. He came back and exchanged shoes with Ricky and we all had a good laugh about it. I guess it was one of those things that you had to be there to see how funny it was......

So long.

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