Friday, September 25, 2009

FridaySeptember 25, 2009-Priest Gulch campground

I slept until about 6 o'clock this morning. I had planned to get up early to see Tommy and Susan off, so I was right on time. I did my morning routine of reading the newspapers and the blogs that I follow, and went in about 6:45 to take a shower and get dressed. Stella also got up and we went outside about 7:30 and lo and behold, they were already gone! Stella said she had heard something outside about 7, so we figured that was them pulling out.

I took a walk around the park and caught up with Dick, the birthday boy from the other day. We walked together around the park and had a nice visit. He lives in Deer Park near Tommy and Susan and I hope we can stay in touch when we leave here.

We came back inside and ate some breakfast and hung out for awhile before deciding to go over to Cortez to buy some groceries and to have the batteries in the truck checked. I knew the batteries were getting pretty old, so I wanted to get them checked. When we got to the Auto Zone, where I had bought the batteries, I asked one of the clerks to check the batteries for me, which he did. he said the battery was putting out the correct amount of power but the cranking power was very low, about 260 cranking amps when it should have been 800. He went inside and researched his computer for the purchase date and it was just a month over the free exchange. He then prorated the price and I got both batteries replaced for $57.00. What a deal! I told him to change them out, which he did. Wow, how lucky was that? We're out here in the mountains with no cell service. How would I have called someone to come help me if the batteries had failed?

We got our groceries bought and came on back home. I guess the Service Engine Soon light that had been on since we have been here was related to the battery because it went off and has not come back on since changing the batteries.

We came back home and Stella went to the washateria to do our laundry. Since its been so cold, I have been wearing my jeans and sweats every day and was running out of clean long pants, so it was time to wash. I went down later and got her and we came back here and ate our leftover smothered steaks which were better tonight than last night when they were fresh. We relaxed in the trailer until time for bed.

So long.

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