Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday, September 4, 2009-Priest Gulch RV Resort

I went down to the huge pile of firewood and picked up some and made a fire in the firepit. Here is Stella enjoying the fire beside the river. It is so peaceful here with the sounds of the river. There are no lights down here where we are and we are enjoying it.

We woke this morning to cold temperatures again, 41 degrees.......brrrrr! We don't get these temperatures at home until January most of the time. We'll take it! It was cloudy and rainy all day long, and rained pretty hard a couple of times. I didn't do anything with the dish because of the heavy cloud cover, but when the weather clears, I'll try to get it tuned in again.

We had a nice visit with our next door neighbors, Rusty and Linda. They both work for the railroad and are planning to retire next year. They have a very lightweight Trail Manor travel trailer and are thinking about going to a fifth wheel. We showed them our trailer and I gave them one of my Heartland cards, so maybe they'll decide to buy a Heartland trailer.

Along those same lines, I noticed a Landmark trailer on the other side of the river and walked over to meet them. Gus and Karen have been coming up here to Priest Gulch for 12 years. Gus told me that he does not own a truck, but when he bought the trailer about three years ago, it was agreed that the dealer would deliver it to the park for him. Now Ernie, the owner of this park, tows the trailer down to Cortez where it is stored for the winter. Ernie goes down in the spring and picks it up and brings it back to the park for them. They have a very nice site beside the river, across from us. They bought Karen's mother a trailer that is beside theirs, so they can spend all summer together.

It is a small world. Gus is from Galveston originally and while visiting with him, we learned that we had some of the same teachers in high school. Gus graduated in 1947, which is the year that I was born, so it is even more amazing that we had these same teachers. They invited us to a Friday night get together at their place, but when we went over, the rain had apparently cancelled the party, so we came back home.

Linda, one of Tommy's friends, came down and told us about some of the scenic drives in the area. We had a nice chat with her about some of the things to do in the area. We had heard that it snowed about five miles west of the park and pretty heavily in Telluride, about 100 miles away. It seems to be getting colder every day and we hope that we don't get snowed on while leaving, but thats some time away. I wouldn't mind a little snow before we leave, but not too much. After all, I'm a Texas Gulf Coast boy.....not used to snow.

So long.

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