Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Monday September 28, 2009-Priest Gulch campground

We went on a drive up Hillside Drive this morning. This view is across the river from our trailer and shows two of the cabins with the gold hills above them.
Here is Dick, one of our new friends that we made here at Priest Gulch, all bundled up with Stella getting ready to go on our drive this morning. The temperature was down in the upper 30's this morning but it warmed up quickly.

Just one of the beautiful views across the hills. The colors are beautiful and we wish you had been here with us to experience them with us.

More beauty. It is interesting to note the green pine trees in among the gold aspens. They make a beautiful contrast that must be experienced to believe.

The entire road was gold. When we rounded a curve in the road, all we could see was gold!

More tall, golden trees with the brilliant blue skies in the background.

Here is our little group: Gene, Linda, me, Stella, Peggy, Len, Eugena and Dick. We had stopped for a break from driving in a little clearing, high in the mountains.
When we returned from our trip, we rested for a short while then met at Gene and Linda's site for a potluck dinner. We had a pretty good feast of steaks, sausage, potatoes, salad and other assorted goodies. The final goody was a chocolate pie that Linda made and a peach cobbler that Stella made. It was a wonderful way to end the afternoon. We went back home for awhile and met back at their site for a campfire. Everyone but us and Gene and Linda are leaving in the morning, so a lot of goodbyes were said tonight.
So long.

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