Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pictures of Amarillo to Espanola trip 8-31-09

Here we are coming into New Mexico. It was a beautiful day for driving with scattered clouds and no rain.
This is a sculpture of a dinosaur bone that was found in New Mexico.

This is the welcome center to New Mexico on I-40. We stopped here to pick up a new state map and to take a break. We got a cup of coffee in one of those tiny styrofoam cups that was just enough coffee to make one want more coffee, about two sips.

New Mexico spends a lot of money on landscaping and decorating their overpasses. They are very pretty and just add some class to an otherwise routine traffic device.

This is the famous Camel Rock just outside of Santa Fe NM. There were so many pretty rock formations as well as beautiful colored rocks, it would take many more photos to show them all.

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