Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tuesday September 15, 2009-Priest Gulch RV Resort

Susan took us on a drive up Hillside Drive on Monday. Here we are going up into the mountains onto the beginning of the drive, which will come out over the top of the park where we are staying.
Here you can see the park including the office and some of the RV's here. We are probably 700-800 feet higher than the park here.

This is one of the meadows along the road. There were several, covering many acres and likely supporting many species of wildlife.

Apparently there was a settlement or ranch at one time. You can see the remnants of an old wooden fence down in the meadow.

The mountains off in the distance are very pretty.

More pictures of the meadow in the foreground with heavy woods behind and the mountains in the background.

More beautiful mountain scenery here.

Another shot in the same direction showing the clouds and more of the mountains in the background.
Here are some tracks of a large deer that was found near the top of the mountain. Although we didn't see any wildlife, many hunters in the area were seen.
Ricky& Dee and Harry & Judy went fishing at Trout Lake, so we stayed here and just piddled around. We went to lunch with Tommy and Susan at the Rico Hotel. It was a very enjoyable lunch. We came back to the park and decided to take a drive up into the mountains with Susan.

We traveled almost 35 miles up the mountain. Susan said she has been up this drive before but has always turned around before reaching the end of the road. Today we got all the way up and found several people camping at the top, so we turned around and came back down the mountain. It was a very nice day of riding around in the mountains, looking at the scenery.
So long.

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