Saturday, September 12, 2009

Friday September 11, 2009-Priest Gulch RV Park

Here is Dee the fish killer. She only fished a little while this morning and didn't catch anything. She caught one yesterday but none today.
Here is a shot upriver from our site. The two cabins and trailers are near a playground where the children can play. I don't believe there are any bad sites in this park. Some are better than others, but no bad sites.

This is a shot of Ernie's house. Ernie is the owner of the park. We went for a walk up the road to it's dead end and looked down on the back side of Ernie's house.
We woke to 42 degree weather this morning. Ricky and Dee wanted to go for a walk around the park, and when we got back, we walked up the road behind our site. The walks we took were long and tired us out. We went to our trailers and took a short break to rest up.
Ricky and I went to the firewood pile and picked up some firewood for our sites. We learned that they get the scraps from a lumber yard in Dolores that produces siding. They have said that their business is off, so there is not as much scraps as normal.
When we got back to the trailers, Ricky and I set up his dish receiver and then worked on ours. Ricky's went in so smoothly and easily, but ours, being the HD version, had to be aimed much better. We finally got it tuned in and are now receiving most of the channels rather than only two like we had been getting.
It started to rain, so we decided to drive down to the Wal Mart in Cortez. It was a nice drive in spite of the rain, and we got our shopping done. We stopped off at a little liquor store in Dolores and made a couple of purchases. The store is in a log building that is pretty neat. I know that log buildings are much more energy efficient than a regular house, so it fits right in up here in snow country.
We came back home and Ricky and Dee fixed some goulash for supper. Stella made some cornbread, so we had another good meal. Ricky built a fire in their firepit and we sat outside until about 10 o'clock.
So long.

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