Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tuesday September 8, 2009-Priest Gulch RV Resort

Our friends Bob and Sheila had to leave today :( We enjoyed out time with them and the two campfires we shared. We have met the nicest people in an RV park.

Stella and I had another campfire tonight. It is so peaceful here, I don't know how anyone could have any stress after staying here and listening to the river.

This shot is across the river from our site. The sunsets are spectacular here. I can just imagine what they would look like from the other side of the mountain.
Here is Stella at fireside. We have enjoyed our stay so much here. I'm sure we'll be back.

After Bob and Sheila left we came back inside and cleaned up a little bit. We were still tired from our trip and the walk we took yesterday, so we just stayed inside today. We cleaned up a little bit and just hung out. We were still tired and Stella was hurting some from our walk yesterday.
I don't understand the instant messaging system from Skype. I exchanged messages from my Aunt Janie yesterday beginning at about 7:45 when she signed on. I didn't get a response at the time, but got a message at about 5:40PM, answering my message that had a time stamp of 11:00AM on it. This is not instant messaging.....
I went out and made a fire in the firepit. Since we have no neighbors on either side right now, it was very peaceful. We sat out until about 8:30 and went back inside. Another nice day in the Colorado mountains.
So long.


Rick and Brenda said...

Glad to see that you are cool enough to have the campfires that you love so much

Lissa said...

I LOVE those pics of the river. Gorgeous!! Glad y'all are enjoying it. Maybe one of these days we could all join you for a few days or something. I love you!