Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Monday September 14, 2009-Priest Gulch RV Resort

Today's journal entry is a continuation of yesterday's fishing trip into the mountains above the park. This is Trout Lake where we went after leaving Alta Lake, which is much higher elevation. Ricky and Dee had come over here to Trout lake and caught some fish here, but today their luck was not as good. No one caught any fish here today, but as you will see, it is another beautiful lake.
This is a photo of the mountains above the lake. I'm not certain how high these mountains are but there is snow that you will see in later photos.

This photo shows the lake in the foreground and the snow on the mountains in the background. I would urge anyone wishing to see beautiful mountains and spectacular views to visit this area of Colorado.

More snow is shown in this shot. I can just imagine how cold it must be up in those mountains!
Still more mountains with show. Also note the clouds over the tops of the mountains. This is very common in Colorado but its still something we like to see, since we're either at sea level or even below at home. Wait a minute, our trailer is our home, so I guess I can't say that. I meant in Dickinson, our former home.

It was cold and windy on the lake while we were there. soon after we got there, a man drove up with his catamaran on a trailer. He launched it, walking into the cold lake water wearing only a wetsuit and warm up coat and sandals. I'll bet his feet were freezing! We talked to him briefly and he said he was doing okay. We watched him paddle his boat out into the lake. While we were there, he never raised his sail, so I'm not sure how his "sailing day" went.
It won't be long until the leaves are changed and winter is near. We can't wait to see the leaves as they change colors.

Today, Monday, we took a ride with Susan into the mountains, up Hillside Drive. Ricky & Dee and Harry all went fishing again at Trout Lake, so Susan took us in her Jeep for a ride. We rode the entire road up into the mountains until we reached the dead end of the road. The many pictures I took on this ride will be in tomorrow's post, so don't miss it!
So long.

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