Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thursday September 3, 2009-Priest Gulch RV Park

It was cold this morning, 44 degrees! It warmed up nicely this afternoon to 62 but we went into Cortez to buy groceries and ran through a rain shower, an everyday occurrence here in Colorado. The temperature dropped to 56 at 2 o'clock in the afternoon! We found the super Wal Mart and bought our groceries and a new oscillating heater because our old one stopped working. It's about 5 years old, so we got our money out of it. Stella said it stopped working last night and got real hot on the bottom of the heater so she turned it off and unplugged it. I'm glad she did after seeing the burned out trailer in Burleson.

We found a good mexican restaurant and stopped in to get a bite to eat and came on back home. The food was very good, which we have learned is unusual outside of Texas. That was the main thing we missed on our trip to Indiana and we couldn't wait to get back to get some good ole Tex Mex.

Since we don't have telephone service here, as soon as the phones light up with voice mail or messages, we start calling family and friends to let them know we are still here and having a ball. I guess that's the price you have to pay for being camped out in the boonies. I did get signed up for Skype, which is a free instant messaging system which also lets you use your Internet connection to make telephone calls. Luckily I had just bought a headphone with a built-in microphone, so now I am ready to go. I couldn't get connected to the Internet after making the download, so I will have to try again to get registered and can make calls from here.

I just had a great idea. I'll call Barack Obama tomorrow to tell him about our plight up here in the wild mountains of Colorado. He already controls the banks, the auto industry, why shouldn't he control and run the cell phone companies? This is a serious safety issue for us and he needs to do something about it. At least send me a couple of million in stimulus money.....I'm still waiting on my first check. I'm sure you have yours already and have bought a new car or truck a big screen TV and probably invested the rest.

On that happy note, I bid you,

So long.

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