Sunday, August 21, 2011

Friday August 19, 2011-Elkhart County fairgrounds

This morning was our last "job" for this rally when we served the Amish casserole breakfast. This was a very filling mix of potatoes, eggs and cheese that was pretty tasty. The food serving went very well again and I must say I was very surprised at the ease of serving so many people. They only served breakfast from 7:30 until 8:30, so many of the attendees weren't up yet or didn't come down for breakfast. We finished serving and ate our own portions before going back home.

I was waiting for a call from the Cummins representative because I had been told that they could plug into the onboard diagnostics to learn if there were any legal ways to increase the power of my engine or increase the fuel mileage port, but when the tech finally came over after 11 o'clock, he went to work but soon told me that everything was hidden by Dodge. He said that Dodge entered into a contract with Cummins that did not allow the Cummins techs any way to change the engine parameters or increase anything. In fact, he said mine was more hidden than others that he has looked at here. Very disappointing!

We took another group to Heartland for a factory tour. Since I had just gone yesterday, there was little more for me to learn, but I enjoyed watching the others as they learned the process of building a trailer. Today's group was actually larger than yesterday's but some went to another plant and did not come with our group. We did see some new and very beautiful Big Country trailers with a new beige color with darker brown accent stripes. Wish I was in the market for one of these!

We finished up and hurried back to the park for the last meal, a huge potluck. Imagine over 300 trailers that each brought a dish to the potluck. Yep, it was mind boggling! There was plenty of food for even the biggest eater and most of it was eaten! I went back to get some dessert for Stella and I and I was amazed at the amount of food that was gone.

Tonight's entertainment was a group called Sweet Adelines River Bend Chorus. This is an all-woman singing group that did a very hokey "murder mystery" that was set to music. The music was some old classics and they did a great job. This was almost as enjoyable as the barbershop quartet group earlier in the week.

We came home and Stella began her preparations to leave tomorrow. The rally began badly but improved over the week and we had a pretty good time. Jerry even talked to me about the possibility of coming to work with them but we'll see how that works out. It was flattering to be offered but I don't know if anything will turn up over it.

So long.

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