Sunday, August 21, 2011

Thursday August 18, 2011-Elkhart County fairgrounds

We have met most of our neighbors that are here for this rally. We were very late in signing up and had to take a non full hookup site, but its near the rally hall, which helps Stella since she has a hard time walking long distances.

There were many gripes and complaints about yesterday's "breakfast" so we decided to have coffee at our site for our neighbors and anyone else that dropped by. I also set out some Heartland brochures and of course, the guys began talking about trailers. We had a nice time sitting out in the cool morning air drinking coffee and chatting with our new friends.

Stella and I went over the vendor area to browse around. We were surprised to see some of the same people that we had seen at the Heartland rally in June. We didn't buy anything but did talk about some more of the LED light bulbs. We'll try to get some before the end of the rally.

We led a good group of people over to the Heartland factory for a tour. We ended up with 14 folks with another group of 6-8 from the rally that showed up on their own. We split up into two groups and I think everyone enjoyed the tour. We are planning another tour group tomorrow, so we should be pretty good on the Heartland factory at the end of this week.

We stopped at Ryan's Steakhouse for our supper. It was pretty quick and we were both very hungry since we hadn't eaten since breakfast and we needed to get back to the park for an ice cream social that we were to serve as one more of our volunteer duties. We returned to the park but the ice cream had already been served. People had started coming in early and they had started serving early, so by the time we got there, everyone was done. We got a couple of bowls if ice cream for ourselves but before we could eat it, we were called to the stage to participate in a "Newlywed Game". Six couples were called to play and to answer questions about our husbands/wives. It was a lot of fun and I got to sing! One of the questions was "What song does your husband like to sing?" and both Stella and I answered "Hey Good Lookin'. Jerry, the emcee, just happened to have that one in his repertoire of songs on his computer and I was asked to sing a short bit of it. Luckily I remembered the words, having sung this song many times when we did karaoke, and I got a nice round of applause. I enjoyed it!

We came back home and sat outside for awhile and met another of our neighbors, Stan. Stan does the Sky-Med program and will be doing a seminar on it tomorrow. Sky-Med is a company that furnishes emergency medical transportation to people like us that travel a lot. Not only do they supple transportation to a victim but to their spouse and will also take their RV and pets to a location that they choose. It's a good program and I think we will buy it. We sat outside with Stan until the skeeters ran us back home but I think we got some good information. Its what these rallies are all about!

So long.

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