Monday, August 29, 2011

Sunday August 28, 2011-Elkhart Campground

I really feel bad....NOT....about telling you it was 56 degrees here this morning and that I had to cover up with a blankie again. This park is very quiet but the guests turn over quickly. There are a lot of folks that come here to buy their trailers in Elkhart and use this park for their "shakedown" experiences. This would be a great place to have a good size rally. They have a 5000 square foot building but the hall not large enough to handle 200+ people, so even though the park will hold over 250 rigs of all sizes, the meeting areas are too small.

We didn't do a lot during the day today but I did go out in the evening to wash the truck. I have felt bad about keeping it clean and finally took the time to clean it up. One of the Heartland owners in the park came by and we started talking and I didn't get the clean-up finished. One side looks better!

Our good friends Dan and Karen got to Goshen this afternoon from the Michigan rally. He wants to get the new suspension that he just had installed at Lippert and has an appointment for Monday morning. They called when they arrived and we made a "date" to meet them at the Ryan's restaurant here in Elkhart for supper. Although the restaurant ran out of meats a couple of times, we still had a fine time with our friends. They came over here for coffee after supper and we sat outside with them until it cooled off and they decided to go home. Its hard work to take everything down to move, then drive a few hundred miles and then set it all back up again, so Dan was tired. I know how he felt.

So long.

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