Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wednesday August 10, 2011-Kewaunee RV Village

Today was our first morning in this park, and buddy, let me tell you, it was cold here this morning! The thermometer showed 56 degrees but it felt colder than that. I put my sweats on and was comfortable.

We ate breakfast here at home and just hung out here. I played around with the Dish antenna and finally got it set in the right spot, getting a good signal. I noticed again that I was not getting the HD channels, so I called Dish network for help. The tech that I talked to walked me through resetting the receiver and we finally got a good signal. Its nice to get good television reception again.

This afternoon we went over to Green Bay Wis. to the legendary Lambeau Field. this field was first built on this site in 1957 and originally named City Stadium but renamed in 1965 in memory of Curly Lambeau, a former Packers founder, player, and long-time head coach. The stadium has been remodeled and enlarged several times, with the last time being in 2003 when it was expanded to a capacity of 73,128 fans. Incidentally, the original cost of the stadium was $960,000 which was paid off in 1978 and the latest remodel cost $295 million.

The Packer fans are another interesting story. We noticed that most of the people in the stadium today wore Packer shirts, caps or other team support gear. I guess its a good thing that I didn't wear my Houston Texans shirt or Stella didn't wear her Dallas Cowboy gear.

Demand for season tickets remain high: season tickets have been sold out since 1960 with 81,000 names are on the waiting list. Don't hold your breath for tickets even though you're on the waiting list. The reported average waiting time for tickets is about 30 years.

In 2007, Lambeau field was voted the #1 stadium in game-day atmosphere and in 2009 the Sports Turf Management Assoc. named it the Field of the Year.

Probably their best-known coach, Vince Lombardi.

Curly Lambeau, namesake of the stadium.

We enjoyed this short trip over to Green Bay. We returned to the park but along the way, we stopped and filled up both tanks of the truck with fuel. Although most of our mileage was towing the trailer, the average was 14.1 mpg. It is still fun to watch the faces of these young people in stations after we fill up and the total is over $300. They often wonder what kind of truck we're driving. Guess its one of those things that you have to be there to see.

So long.

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