Monday, August 22, 2011

Sunday August 21, 2011-Elkhart Campground

We woke to cool temperatures but no more rain this morning. It had rained off and on all night but the weather was cool and nice this morning. We ate a good breakfast at home and I watched my car shows on television, so everything is slowly getting back to normal.

We went back over to the Midwest RV Show at the civic center about noon, when it opened. We lucked out when we got to the gate because the man noticed our Heartland badges and thought we worked for the company and let us in for free. Works for me!!

We talked to a lot of people today and several seemed interested in buying, but we didn't follow up on that. By the time we got through around five, we were both hurting in our back, knees and feet. Its hard to stand and walk for five hours on concrete when you're not used to it.

We were bot starving and very thirsty when we left the center, and decided to eat mexican food tonight, knowing that these Midwesterners don't know good mexican food. Stella randomly picked La Hacienda and the food was very good. We were surprised but honestly, they could have served us a piece of cardboard with cheese and salsa on it and we would have liked it. I think I drank three glasses of iced tea and one glass of water to quench my thirst.

About nine o'clock I got a call from my brother Phil. The news was very bad. Our niece, Wendy Dean was involved in an automobile accident in Bryan TX and did not survive. Phil didn't have any details on the wreck but I later learned that she had been driving northbound on SH 6 when she left the roadway and swerved back onto the road where she lost control and overturned several times. Although she was wearing a seat belt, she was partially ejected and died at the scene. I called the family and gave them the bad news but since I didn't have any details, there are lots of questions. When I learn more, I will share with you.

So long.

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