Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wednesday August 3, 2011-Dan and Karen's house-Limestone MI

This morning, I went over to the house to have coffee with Dan on his back porch. It is an enclosed porch that overlooks the waterfall in the back yard and Dan told me that he usually has a lot of wildlife in his yard including deer, coyotes and an occasional bear. We didn't have anything exciting this morning but did have a good chat while we drank our coffee. Karen soon got up and brought us some coffee cake, so we had a nice little breakfast.

When we arrived yesterday, Cassie, our Schnauzer, was looking pretty bad because she needed a grooming. We had been caught out in a rain shower and her hair looked even worse than normal. Karen went to the trouble to locate a groomer that could take Cassie this afternoon, so we took her over to Gladstone, a nearby little town where the groomer was. We went out and sat beside Lake Superior reading our books for awhile while Cassie was being groomed. As soon as she was done, we took a drive down the road alongside the lake to Menominee Michigan where we crossed the border into Marinette Wisconsin. We didn't really want to do anything there, but we did get to add another state to our list of states visited. It was only about 80 or 90 miles and a beautiful day for a drive and we and the doggies had a nice time.

When we got back to Dan and Karen's house, we again sat on the their back porch, visiting with them. They told us that they are going to the Wisconsin Chapter rally on the 12-14th of August, and since this fit in with our schedule, we have decided to go. Its going to be a tight fit because we have decided to go to a Passport America rally in Goshen IN and are planning to volunteer as workers there and will have to be in Goshen on the 15th, but if we leave pretty early we should be able to make it all right. We will be back in the Central Time Zone in Wisconsin, but will be returning to the Eastern Zone in Goshen and will gain an hour when we go there. I think it will all work out.

Here is the Welcome to Wisconsin sign in Marinette WI.

The Menominee River that separates Michigan and Wisconsin.

A few words about the Menominee River.

There is a shipbuilding company in Marinette that is building a Navy ship. I'm not sure what kind of ship this is but it looks as if it is pretty well done. I kind of worried about being questioned about taking photos of this ship, but nothing happened. I probably don't look too much like a terrorist anyway.

An interesting old building on the ground of the Wisconsin museum near the border.

A few words about this old building, built in 1897. Wow, and its still in such good condition. They just don't build them like they used to, do they?

Another display of a load of lumber being transported to market, back in the day. This must be a winter rig because notice there are no wheels, just runners to glide over the snow. Thats a huge horse too and look at the size of his feet! Wow...

A few words about the display.

It was absolutely worth it to drive over here today, even though we have decided to visit Wisconsin soon. I'll keep you posted about our rally plans and the fun we have there.

So long.

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