Sunday, August 28, 2011

Saturday August 27, 2011-Elkhart Campground

Not too much to report from Elkhart today. I won't say too much more about the nice weather we have had. We decided to stay home and enjoy being back in the trailer, so we slept late and just hung out all day. We had a late breakfast and I got to watch my car shows on television again. It was a good morning!

Stella washed up our clothes and I managed to keep my recliner from flying away. Then the sandman came to visit me, so it was a good morning. We are also thankful that football is back, so we watched pre-season football in the afternoon. When our friends Jim and Linda came back, we sat out with them all evening until about 9 o'clock when the skeeters got too bad for all of us. They are new to RV'ing, so its fun for us to help them out.

We are keeping an eye on Hurricane Irene and feeling sorry for all our friends that live in her path. We remember too well the problems that hurricanes can bring and are very thankful that we will not have to do it again. Good luck to all of you!

So long.

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