Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Monday August 8, 2011-Dan and Karen's house-Limestone MI

I got up this morning, our last full day here at Dan and Karen's place, and went to their house for coffee with Dan, as I've been doing every day that we've been here. I intended to take photos of the place and didn't do it. Guess I was too busy...

Karen was going to visit her Red Hat ladies today and Dan was going to work on his trailer to get it ready to leave tomorrow, so Stella and I decided to drive in to Munising to have a more reliable telephone signal. We have AT & T phones and the service out here SUCKS!!! There is better service in the larger cities but none out here in the country.

We drove in and got a good signal at first, but it seemed like every time I went around a block, I lost my signal. I finally found a good signal that I could keep out alongside the bay overlooking the tour boats. I made some calls to finalize the Passport America rally and Heartland's involvement and went to the Falling Rock Cafe and bookstore where we had coffee. There was a nice menu of muffins and sandwiches and Stella finally gave in and had an ice cream cone, but I was a good boy and only had coffee. This is an interesting place with lots of books, both hard back and paper that you can borrow, trade or buy, places for quiet conversation and a good Internet connection. It's a very popular place in the little town of Munising.

We stopped off at the only large grocery store in town and picked up a few things for supper tonight. Stella is fixing a soup and cornbread for supper tonight. We came back home and rested up for the afternoon and went over for supper tonight. We had a nice visit with Dan and Karen after supper and turned in around ten o'clock. We were all tired but excited about leaving in the morning.

So long.

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