Friday, August 26, 2011

Thursday August 25, 2011-Jameson Inn

We were expecting to be back in our trailer today, at least for the weekend. After eating breakfast, we went to Jim Fenner's office at Heartland. Jim is coordinating things for us, since his shop had begun the repairs to the trailer. We were also looking for some help on the price negotiations from him too. After making our pitch for help to him, we listened as he learned that the trailer was not ready, the gray water tank had not been installed yet. Jim said we could still sleep in it and that they will finish it up on Friday so we can have a nice weekend. When we got there, we learned that there is limited electricity service at their shop, no water and no sewer, so we decided to go back to our hotel room. Now we're really bummed! I had left a few things in our site at the Elkhart Campground, so we went back over there to check on it and to looking longingly at the people having a nice time living in their RV's.

While driving through, we saw our new friends Jim and Linda. They have just bought a Bighorn and are beginning their adventures. We stopped by to chat with them for awhile and they told us of a place in Middlebury that sells great barbecue ribs. That is one of Stella's favorites, so before long, guess where we were going? Yep, to the little town of Middlebury to buy two racks of ribs, one for us and the other for Jim and Linda. It was pretty easy to find, just look for a lot of cars and trucks parked around a tiny little meat market. There is very little better than a meat market that sells smoked meats and bacon. It made me hungry to just walk in the door. We were soon on our way back to Elkhart with our supper. We dropped Jim and Linda's off at their rig at the campground and came on back to our cell at the hotel. Let me tell you, those ribs were great! If you're in the neighborhood, go by the Hoosier Meat Market in Middlebury on Thursdays for the ribs. They're worth the trip.

We were expecting a call from Jim about the trailer but he didn't call. He has assured us that our trailer will be back together tomorrow so we can have it for the weekend, but I wish he'd call and tell us it's ready to go. Here's hoping that tomorrow we get the call.

So long.

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Jim and Dee said...

We both love ribs and missed that place while there. We'll be back, I'll have to remember where to go. Thanks for the headsup.