Friday, August 12, 2011

Thursday August 11, 2011-Moving day-Kewaunee RV Village to Country Roads Motorhome & RV Park

We woke to another cool morning today and had our coffee before starting to get ready to leave today. There wasn't that much for me to do, so I waited until after 8 to get started. We got everything folded up and put away and pulled out a little before 10. We stopped in the town of Kewaunee and picked up some breakfast sandwiches to eat on the road and took off. The only thing that came up on the trip was that the GPS again lost his way but after a couple of "recalculatings" he again found us and we continued on our way. It did this the other day when we entered Wisconsin. He showed us off the road, in green areas, but after a few miles, he got it all straightened out and we came on in.

The only other problem that we had was some road construction and a long detour in Ripon WI. It led us about 30 miles out of the way, but we managed to follow the signs and made it back to the main road with about a 45 minute delay. The Wisconsin Dells are a cross between Branson MO and Pigeon Forge TN. There are several blocks of tourist-trap shops and stores along the main drag through town. We would have chosen another route into town had we known, but we negotiated the traffic without any problem and pulled in about 2:30.

Since we got the last available site in the park, we are apart from the main group of trailers that are here for the rally, but we're also right across the street from the covered pavilion where the activities will take place. Several of our friends dropped by to say hi and we had some good visiting with them. Later, twelve of us went to the Pizza Pub for supper. The food was good but nothing special but the prices were a little high we thought. Too many tourists make the prices to up. We had a nice meal with old and new friends and came back to the park where we had a veery nice campfire in the community area for large groups. Every site has a fire ring
but it was a lot more fun to sit with the group and visit. The party started breaking up about 9:30 and I believe everyone had a nice time. We're looking forward to a good time here in Wisconsin.

So long.

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Mike and Sandy said...

It is so wrong for you to be enjoying so many cool days while we are baking down here. Just stop; I can't take it anymore.