Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tuesday August 9, 2011-Moving day-Dan and Karen's house to Kewaunee RV Village

I woke pretty early and went over and had coffee with Dan one more time. We went out a little before 8 to get started with hooking up and actually pulled out of his driveway about 8:50! We followed them to Escanoba where we stopped for breakfast. They have been there many times before and know one of the waitresses, so we all had a good time while we ate.

We got back on the road and made a pit stop at one of the closed-down Wisconsin rest areas just across the border in Merrinett. Dan and Karen are going to visit a friend for a couple of days and we will be going to Kewaunee WI, which is near Green Bay WI. We are all going to the Wisconsin rally on Thursday. We drove down here along Green Bay, which is a bay of Lake Michigan. The bay is huge! I always thought the Packers played in a town that was named for a small little lake or bay and didn't know it was a huge body of water.

We got here about 2 o'clock and got all checked in and set up by 3. This is a nice quiet little park and much cooler. When the sun went down, we had to close the windows of the trailer because it got so cold. We've had trouble getting our dish to work because we haven't used it too much lately but I'll give them a call tomorrow and get it straightened out. We have decent over-the-air reception for the local channels but the main thing on last night was the recall elections for some state senators that had irritated the voters when they couldn't reach an agreement with each other over the state budget.

I turned in early and slept like a rock in the cool air. I don't know why we specified a 50 amp service here since we haven't turned the a/c on yet. Hope we didn't have to pay extra for it!

So long.

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