Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sunday August 7, 2011-Dan and Karen's house-Limestone MI

Sunday morning Dan and Karen fixed a big breakfast for us. We had planned to leave their home this morning and they wanted to send us off with our bellies full, but we decided to stay here for a couple more days. That decision was made because we had intended to go to Sault Ste. Marie where we had a nice back-in site on the river where we could have watched the boats and relaxed. We had planned to cross into Canada for a day trip but the down-side to that trip was that we have made plans to go to a Wisconsin Heartland chapter rally, so we would have had to backtrack to Sault and then return to Wisconsin, a distance of 250 miles total. Let's see, drive 250 miles to "relax" (how much more relaxed can we get?) or stay here with friends? Made our decision much easier.

When we got through with the delicious breakfast, Dan wanted to get his trailer washed up for the trip to the WI rally and I did too, so we both broke out our washing equipment and got to work. Stella and Karen decided to drive over to Marquette to the Wal Mart store while Dan and I worked on the trailers. We got busy and were just finishing up when the girls got back from the store. We all went home for awhile to rest because this evening we were going to the Kewadin Casino for supper.

It was a nice drive through the forest to Christmas Michigan, just outside Munising, to the casino for supper. We were all surprised that we hadn't seen much wildlife since we've been here, only a few deer. No moose or bear, although this is certainly the country for them. We had a nice supper at the casino restaurant and then the three of them went to make their donations to the Indian's slot machines while I played on my I-Phone. The bad thing was, there is no cell phone service here and no free wifi in the casino, so I didn't have much to do. It didn't take long for them to lose their money, so they joined me outside where I had found some cell service available. Stella came out about $8.00 ahead, so we took our loot and headed back to Dan and Karen's house. We were all tired when we got home and turned in pretty soon.

Dan and Karen are great hosts and we have really enjoyed ourselves here. We have made so many friends in our RV'ing adventures but Dan and Karen will always be special to us.

So long.

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