Monday, August 1, 2011

Sunday July 31, 2011-Newberry KOA

We slept late again-getting into bad habits here-but we really don't have anything to do today anyway and it was very cool again. We sat around and watched TV most of the day and I played on the 'net, while not playing games. Stella decided to wash up the few clothes that we had dirtied, so I took her up to the laundry here in the park. When she got done, I came and picked her up and after dropping off our clean clothes, we went to eat in town. Our friend Karen had recommended that we eat at Timber Charlies restaurant in Newberry, so that's where we went. We both had sandwiches, as we had been recommended and they were very good. We would go back there if we were staying longer.

We went for a ride searching for moose or bear, but didn't see any. Our friend Jim at the park had told us that there are really no roads or viewing points for wildlife, that you must sit and watch and they may come to you. I guess tonight was not our night to see anything. This area is billed as the moose capital of Michigan and we know from our visit to the bear farm that there are a lot of black bear in the area but they were not out tonight. We came back home and sat outside in the cool evening air the huge mosquitoes started biting and chased us back inside.

So long.

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Barbara said...

What is so wrong with sleeping late? And what do you consider late? ;-)