Sunday, August 14, 2011

Saturday August 13, 2011-Country Roads RV park

We woke this morning to heavy rain and cool temps. I made a big pot of coffee outside this morning at our house because our friends Ray and Lin were making breakfast for everyone at the rally in the pavilion and I wanted to be sure that there was enough coffee for everyone. We didn't need it after all, so Stella and I had plenty to drink.

I went over to Dan and Karen's trailer and helped her get started on her blog that she decided to start writing. I'll be interested to see what Karen will write. Its gratifying to me to have others start a blog because of reading mine. We later rode with Dan and Karen over to a nearby town-Baraboo-where we got a quick lunch at the Dairy Queen.

The Village of Lake Delton has an interesting past. The tiny town of Delton was turned into Lake Delton after a developer built a man-made lake that now brings in an estimated one billion dollars to the economy of the village and of course, to the state.

In 2008, the lake went completely dry when heavy rains washed out a portion of a county road, which gave the lake waters a channel and the entire lake was drained and three homes washed away and two more were destroyed when their foundations were damaged by the outflow of the water. The Wisconsin governor announced that the state would repair the lake because it was "vital" to the billion dollar tourism area and the lake was re-filled. During the time that the lake was drained, some of the local residents organized a "clean the lake bottom" which resulted in the removal of four (4) twenty cubic yard dumpsters with trash from the lake bed.

We returned to the park and relaxed until time for the potluck dinner. As usual, there was plenty of good food and great camadary among this group of friends, who are very friendly. Although we already had several friends in this chapter, we made even more and had a great weekend. I wish we didn't have to rush off early in the morning, but we have to go to Goshen IN for the Passport America rally. Tomorrow promises to be a long day.

So long.

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