Sunday, August 21, 2011

Saturday August 20, 2011-Moving day-Elkhart County fairgrounds to Elkhart Campground

We woke pretty early this morning but there was no rush because we're only going 16 miles! We ate breakfast and started taking things down a little after 8. I didn't do too much visiting with the neighbors today and worked pretty steadily. I had to take the steps and porch down too, which further slowed me, but we actually pulled out about 10:15. As I said, we only had about 16 miles to go, so we were at the Elkhart Campground about 10:30.

We got set up here and I took care of all the outside stuff. I didn't have to reset the porch and steps because we will be taking the trailer to RV Capitol for a repair to the leaking water tanks on Monday and we don't want to leave that behind while we're gone. Since we hadn't had full hookups at the fairground, I had to dump and clean the holding tanks. Not too bad a job, but time consuming. I had everything set up and connected before noon and came inside and drank a cup of coffee and rested up. I had been talking to a lady named Dee on the RV-Dreams chat line for awhile and had read that they are in this area. I sent her a message and we agreed to meet her, her husband Jim and some friends of theirs that are also RV-Dreamers for dinner tonight.

We went to the Elkhart Civic center where they held the Mid-West RV Show to help at the RV Capitol booth. We talked to the Rob Reed, the owner of the dealership and told him that we were there to help. He remembered me from the Heartland rally and tried (again) to sell me a trailer. I managed to get out without spending any money or buying anything. It had started to rain and I had gotten cold but we went inside one of the trailers and spoke with several people that were browsing around in the trailers. Traffic was pretty light at the show, so we left about 4 o'clock to meet Jim and Dee and their friends Hank and Selene.

We met them at the Middlebury Hills restaurant in Middlebury IN. Hank and Selene are thinking of going full time in about a year and Jim and Dee are full time in their Carriage fifth wheel. We had a great time visiting with them and spent almost 4 hours sitting in the restaurant. We had a cute young waitress named Lisa Marie who was very spunky. When we tried to hassle her, she threw it right back at us and we all had a good time with her. It was good to meet them and we hope that we can meet them again sometime. Who knows when our paths may cross again.

So long.

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