Thursday, February 28, 2013

Wednesday February 27, 2013-Oasis RV Resort

Today is Stella's birthday, so I sang Happy Birthday to her as soon as she got out of bed, just to start her day out right... I also gave her the day off for cooking and did without breakfast. Beside that, we didn't have any milk for cereal. I knew that we were going out for dinner tonight, so it's not like we're going without food today.

I called the insurance company to get things rolling on the truck repairs and learned that I need to get it back to the dealer for photos and so they would know to order the parts. We were soon on our way to Cook Ford, where we met with the body shop manager Melissa. She soon had her pictures and told me of the things I needed to get done before bringing the truck in. With that done, we went to buy some groceries before going home.

Cameron had baseball practice in Friendswood so we met all of them at Gringo's restaurant for Stella's birthday celebration. We had a good meal after a short wait for a table to open up and managed to embarrass Stella by having the waiters sing happy birthday to her.

It got cold after the sun went down and I was sorry I hadn't worn either long sleeves or taken a jacket, but we weren't outside very long. The truck was soon warmed up and we were toasty all the way home.    I had posted on Facebook about being at the restaurant for Stella's birthday and many of our friends wished her a happy day, so it had been a good day for her. Maybe someday, she'll get on Facebook too.

So long.

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Ted and Donna said...

Ted had our Ford fixed at the Chevrolet dealer!