Saturday, March 21, 2009

Friday March 20, 2009

Today was arrival day for everyone else that was coming to my retirement rally at Rayford Crossing. About five or six rigs had pulled in yesterday and the rest arrived today.

I went to the Lone Star room where I met the guys for coffee and to solve some of the world's problems. I stopped by the office to ask about getting some propane in an empty bottle, and signed us up for the ice cream social on Sunday afternoon. When I got home, Stella had gotten the boys up and was preparing our breakfast.

We visited with our friends all morning, and around noon we went to our storage room to get the fishing poles for Cameron to use, and then to Kroger to shop for groceries for the rest of the weekend. Upon returning to the park, we hung out with our friends all afternoon and decided to go to Donnelly's Pizza for supper with Bernest and Pauleen and Tommy and Susan. As usual, we had a good meal. We came back to the park and later sat around Don Allen's firepit for our nightly campfire.

Kim and Jeremy arrived around nine o'clock. They joined us at the campfire and the boys and I went home about ten o'clock. Cameron made up their bed and the three of us laid down and went to sleep.

We later learned that Donna Smith had been walking her dog when she became entangled in the leash and fell down. she injured her face and broke her glasses and Bill took her to St. Luke's Hospital for care in their emergency room. We all hope that she is okay.

Til next time....

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