Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wednesday March 18, 2009

I woke this morning and went to the rally hall to meet with some of the guys for coffee. Jim had made the brew for Mack, Dwain, me and later Tommy. We had a good time and solved some of the world's problems.

Stella and I got ready to go to see her clients today. First, we went to Donoho's Jewelers to send my watch off for service. I had already tried to replace the battery but it had quit running again, so it is time for service.

Then we left for Clear Lake for Stella to go to the doctor's offices and clinics. She went to the clinic in Webster first to see people in Dr. Merritt's office, then to Texas City to see Dr. Gulde at the Mainland Center hospital. We went by our house and picked up some items that we need, and looked at the work that had been done by the workman that Jeremy had used to do some repairs. When we got everything that we could think of out of the house, we went back to the hospital so Stella could meet with Dr. Merritt while I stayed in the truck reading a book. When she got through with her meeting, we went to Cameron's baseball team practice. Kim was there, but Jeremy and the boys hadn't gotten there yet. They soon got there but Tyler had stayed home to play on the computer. I watched a little bit of practice and went to get Tyler from the house. When we got back to the field, practice was over and we left to go eat at Uncle Chan's buffet.

When we finished eating, we went to their house to get their stuff and then to return to the park. We went back through Alvin so we could get some cheap fuel again. We stopped off at the Wal Mart (Murphy Bros.) station where we got 21.5 gallons @ $1.85 per gallon to go 2898.2 miles=13.45 average miles per gallon. Not too bad for a trip pulling the trailer.

We got back to the park around 10:15 and went to bed for the night.


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