Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wednesday March 4, 2008

Today was a pretty laid-back day for us. We went to the flea market at Don-West again and bought some more fruit and vegetables. From there we tried to get into the Gonzales Burger place, which is a very small restaurant in a questionable neighborhood that has apparently the best burgers in the Valley. Ted had read about them and we found the place, and sure enough, there were many, many people standing in line to order their burgers.

The girls decided that they wanted to go "rag picking" again at the Ropa Usadas. Donna had found two of them that sell nothing but new brand name items. We found them and bought a few items. I observed that they apparently buy overrun t-shirts that have been printed for different events and then are sold here. I saw shirts from many different places, from family reunions to race staff. These stores had many other items like shoes (very cheaply made) and clothing accessories that you would see in a clothing store (power tie racks, jewelry boxes, etc.)

We ended the afternoon at Furr's Fine Buffet in McAllen. This has gotten to be one of our favorite restaurants in the Valley.

We went back to the park after eating and just hung out until 7 when we went to the rec hall for karaoke. They have a professional karaoke guy that comes in with his own system and people can choose what they want to sing. I chose a Hank Williams song, Hey Good Looking. It was a fun night and none of us got into trouble.

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