Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wednesday March 11, 2009

I woke this morning to find Ted outside already. He took his truck up to the car wash where they had agreed to wash and wax it for $25.00 but he soon returned because no one had showed up. He started picking up things in preparation to them leaving to go to Victoria today and home tomorrow. They pulled out about 10:30.

I carried the laundry down to the laundromat for Stella to do the wash. I came back and hung out in the trailer until she called me to come pick up the clean clothes and bring them back to the trailer. Upon returning, Tom and Judy came by to pick us up to go over to Mexico again. Judy needed to check on the price of some of her prescription drugs but we couldn't find the one she needed. She picked up a few pieces of jewelry and I looked at the fake Rolex watches, but didn't buy anything. We did go to one of the liquor stores and bought another couple of bottles of liquor to bring back.

We returned to the park but Judy asked if we wanted to go to Martha's for supper. We love going there, so there wasn't much discussion. Our next-to-last meal was at the little family-owned restaurant right outside the door to the park, and as usual, it was delicious.

We stayed outside chatting with Tom and Judy and some of our neighbors until about dark, and came in and watched some television until bedtime.

A very short entry for a laid=back day.

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