Friday, March 27, 2009

Thursday March 26, 2009

I woke real early this morning and checked email and read the newspaper reports on the Internet. I later sat in my recliner and went back to sleep, but woke in time to go have coffee with the guys in the Lone Star room. No one had come down, so I made the coffee this morning. We ran out of coffee and were low in supplies, so when the coffee bunch ended, I stopped by the office and told Melissa.

I returned to the trailer and had some cereal for my breakfast. I read a little bit and called Bill, who was coming in this morning. I found out that he was near Cut N Shoot and should be here soon. I went to the office and told Crystal that he would soon be here and that he had difficulty in hearing and that she would need to talk very loud to him (a practical joke on him). Bill didn't mention it, but his friend Ronnie, who had come up with him, said that he had noticed the girl in the office talking very loud.

Ornell and Vickie (Ronnie's wife) were coming up this afternoon after work. It began to rain real hard about four o'clock in the afternoon, about the time that they had planned to leave, and the rain was moving east, toward them. Bill talked to her and told her to stay home until the morning if she didn't want to drive in the heavy rain.

Stella and I went to Krogers this afternoon for groceries. We have been doing real well on our food and have not been eating out too much. When we left, I pulled up near Bill's trailer and blew my new air horn for him. He had bought one and put it on his truck, but I had replaced mine while we were in McAllen and wanted to show it off to him. He didn't come out when I blew it at him, but he came by my trailer later after we had returned and blew his horn at me. I'm sure that at some point next week, we'll have a "toot-off" to see whose horn is the loudest.

we met several other couples from the park that are leaving this weekend or next week at Luby's restaurant. They are some of our closest friends here in the park and it was nice of them to have invited us. Of course, we have been living at the park since November when I retired except for our month in the Rio Grande Valley. We had a very nice meal with our friends and sat around chatting and visiting after the meal.

We returned to the park after eating and sat outside with Bill and Ronnie. Ornell and Vickie later arrived and told us that they had almost turned around and went home because of the rain. We had a nice visit with them but the weather was very damp from the rain and had turned cooler, so we didn't stay out that long. We will have some campfires this weekend I'm sure.

Another very pleasant day gone by.

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