Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sunday March 29, 2009

We got up this morning, preparing to make a flying trip to Dallas for Ian's 1st birthday party. His birthday is March 24th but Jennifer is celebrating it today at Great Grandmother Matha Sterling's house in Farmer's Branch.

I went down to the rally hall and made some coffee because we were going to get together with Bill and Ornell for breakfast before we left and it was easier to make breakfast in the hall than one of the trailers. Dwayne, from the park, came down and had coffee with Bill and I and as soon as he left, we started making breakfast. Ornell fixed biscuits and gravy and bacon. It was a very good breakfast and a good way to start out on the drive to Dallas. We got away a few minutes before 10 and made very good time. We stopped for a stretch/bathroom break at the rest stop north of Huntsville and for fuel in Corsicana. We took 15.1 gallons @ $2.249 to go 289.7 miles for a 19.18 average. Not too bad for a truck with 177,000 miles on it!

Just as we got into Farmer's Branch, I called Melissa and played a little joke on her. I told her that we were at Rayford and that I had forgotten about the birthday party. I just pulled up at Matha's house when I hung up with her. She didn't really believe me, but then, she really didn't know.

We got there right behind Jennifer and Jay, so I got to hold Ian while they unloaded their truck. Ian and I had a big 'ol time sitting outside while his Mom did stuff inside. Everyone else soon arrived and it was good to see that side of the family again. Kay was there, but her boyfriend Bruce didn't make it. He had fallen while walking out this morning and twisted his ankle. It has been many years since I saw Kay's sister Laura and her kids. Matha's son Kevin came over and shook my hand, and said it has probably been 35 years since I have seen him. Kay's brother Roger wasn't there but his wife Vickie was, with her kids.

Matha had a long talk with Stella over our lifestyle now in retirement. She said that Bob had wanted to do something like this before he got sick and passed away. It was sad for her, but we are so glad things seem to be working out for us.

We left around five o'clock for home. We had decided to stop at Sam's in Fairfield for supper and made very good time down there. We had a good supper and came on home, getting home about 10:30. It was a long day in the truck, but well worth it.

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